poor loner little slark just wants to pounce into the fun

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i sure showed him

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When Heroes Meet Champions 

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Remember my Kunkka fanart? I submitted it to Dota 2 workshop as prints, so please do me a favour and give it a vote to let this baby available for sale. I planned to create newer content for this, I’m super excited thinking about it!

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Now i have everything i needed in my dota life :D
The game really needs more raccoons in it! xD 

A gift from snowyvixen and a trade with lasanha-do-lidl =^__^=

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Sleepy casual Tresdin for rotorheart. Tried new coloring again, used a number of textures, brushes and everything, free unrestricted stock from deviantart, personal photographs and shutterstock. Hope you would like it, my loveliest potato =^__^= 
I love having one more Tresdin in my gallery, she is awesome.
Pity i suck with her ingame :D 

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Oops, Done!

Not so proud with the colors but I finished it!

Bar Nights with Tresdin and Lyralei inspired by rotorheart

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